4 activities to do straight away If You’ve Had unsafe sex and Might Be Pregnant

4 activities to do straight away If You’ve Had unsafe sex and Might Be Pregnant

Once you’ve unsafe sex, numerous concerns can start to race during your head: Did we get an STI (intimately Transmitted disease) or STD (intimately Transmitted illness)? May I be pregnant? Given that I’ve had intercourse he leave me with him, will? Most of all, just exactly What do i actually do now?

CAPS Pregnancy Clinics are a safe location for women and couples to check out after unprotected or sex that is unsafe. Our nurses are right here to answer questions and provide help during times which may be stressful, intimidating, and scary. Most of our solutions are confidential—your privacy issues.

In the event that you have been in a predicament what your location is wondering in the event that you are expecting, listed below are four things you need to do.

have actually a discussion together with your partner.

Ideally, you will be comfortable sufficient along with your partner to possess a discussion regarding the choices and steps that are next. Some concerns you need to be in a position to answer together are:

  • Should we go get tested for STIs / STDs?
  • Are we invested in one another, and is intercourse something we ought to continue doing?
  • Is it better for ourselves and our relationship to refrain from intercourse?
  • Can we parent together if we do get pregnant?
  • Can or will this event of unprotected sex influence or change our relationship?

You should be able to share whether you’re worried about an unplanned pregnancy, contracting an STI / STD, or your lifestyle choices in general, those are concerns. Our CAPS nurses can also be found that will help you have this conversation it up or what to say if you’re not sure how to bring.

Get tested for STIs /STDs.

Signs for STIs / STDs typically don’t appear straight away; gonorrhea and chlamydia often simply take about 1-2 weeks to incubate, and hepatitis, herpes, and syphilis take more time. For the most results that are accurate it is better to wait 2-4 weeks after non-safe sex to have tested. Nevertheless, if signs like unexplained bleeding, discomfort with urination, genital itching, increased release, rashes, or sores commence to appear, you need to be STI / STD tested instantly. Call us getting assistance. We provide low to zero cost STI/STD screening. Most of our solutions are confidential—your privacy issues.

Have A maternity Test

Frequently, the thing that is first woman worries about is if she’s pregnant. Also you can become pregnant if you’ve taken the morning-after pill, there’s still a chance. You can easily have a pregnancy test 1-2 months after having unsafe sex; the maternity test should show positive (or negative) across the period of the missed period. It is possible to take an at-home test, or go to CAPS for the nurse-verified test.

think on if you’re comfortable making love, if you will be prepared to be expecting.

The hours after sex that is unprotected feel just like a wake-up call. The doubt, concern, and also fear are typically adequate to n’t need to allow the problem happen again. Each time you have intercourse, there’s a chance of maternity, and if you’re maybe not earnestly thinking about having young ones at this time it might be an unplanned maternity. Conversations about avoidance of STI / STD and maternity can begin together with your partner and/or having a professional that is medical. Our nurses and health practitioners are quite ready to reply to your concerns which help you to definitely make a plan for a more healthy future.

Our company is offered at three CAPS Pregnancy Clinics areas and that can offer maternity evaluation, education on maternity and STI / STD risks, and resources and help to assist you find your decide and voice from the next most readily useful actions to simply take. Schedule a call online or contact us at 619-337-8080 to schedule a scheduled appointment.

More details – STI / STD

Sexually transmitted infections (also called STIs, or STDs for ‘sexually transmitted conditions,’ or VD for ‘venereal diseases’) are infections that are commonly/have a higher likelihood of being spread from individual to individual through sexual contact. The definition of STI is wider and much more encompassing because some infections are treatable and will maybe not cause any observeable symptoms. Then called a disease if the infection results in altering the typical function of the body, it beautiful asian wife is. Making sure that’s why you may possibly hear people say STIs – it is theoretically more accurate as well as reminds individuals who there are frequently no signs so that it’s crucial getting STI / STD tested. (Supply: University Wellness Center, University of Maryland)


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All maternity services are free and we also offer low to zero cost STI/STD screening. Every one of our solutions are confidential—your privacy issues.

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