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Southern Bay pet sitter caught on doggie cam nude

Southern Bay pet sitter caught on doggie cam nude

SOUTH BAY (KGO) — Dan Noyes asked pet sitter Casey Brengle, “Just checking, you knew that there clearly was a protection digital digital camera here?” She responded, “we did.”

A Southern Bay pet sitter had been caught on digital camera getting intimate in an individual’s house, after being hired through a favorite dog app that is walking.

This tale provides some guidelines in this “gig economy” if you use phone apps for meals distribution, individual shopping, therapeutic massage or dog hiking.

The organization in concern informs us they are doing thorough criminal record checks to their dog walkers and pet sitters who are separate contractors, but that the reported conduct, in this situation, is “unacceptable”.

Rosie Brown has two rambunctious small dogs, Penny and Daisy. She turned to a popular app to find a pet sitter called “Wag!” when she headed out of town for a wedding three weeks ago,.

Brown came across 26-year-old Wag! dog walker and sitter, Brengle. She told Dan Noyes, “She had 210 5 star reviews and I also’m thinking, fine, this will be great.”

They decided on four-and-a-half times of house-sitting with long walks for $315, and talked about the doggie cam from the kitchen area countertop; in addition it shoots away treats. Brown headed to Louisiana and, in the day’s her relative’s wedding, received an alert through the digital camera.

” On the preview from the alert, it revealed a guy inside our household, some body that we wasn’t expecting,” stated Brown. “and so i launched it and that is once I saw she ended up being here with a person inside our household and additionally they had been going directly for the room.”

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