Concept of pimp in English

Concept of pimp in English

1 a person whom controls prostitutes and organizes customers for them, using a portion of these profits in exchange.

  • ‘She used to operate a vehicle also prostitutes and their pimps to clients but, as she claims, ‘now they have rich and also have unique vehicles, and don’t hire taxis any more’.’
  • ‘The reasons consist of objections from residents additionally the zones becoming overcrowded, as they possibly can behave as a magnet for prostitutes, pimps, customers and medication dealers off their areas.’
  • ‘Hanna quickly starts to imitate Nana, a prostitute for the abusive pimp, and appropriates Nana’s signature line ‘I have always been responsible.’’
  • ‘aside from the vernaculars of her blood that is own kin Oreo also can claim fluency when you look at the salty road talk of hustlers, pimps, and prostitutes, along with the obscure erudition of cranky scholars.’
  • ‘The location comes with its disadvantages – there exists a great deal of prostitution into the vicinity of their building, and their sleep happens to be interrupted by noisy arguments between pimps and prostitutes.’
  • ‘Roaming the roads along side him were many pimps, prostitutes, yet others who have been ‘looking for a very good time.’’
  • ‘The once affluent and area that is peaceful well-to-families lived in large Victorian properties ended up being now saturated in bed-sits and house to pimps, prostitutes and dealers.’
  • ‘The other people had been forced into prostitution by pimps, small-time opportunists, and arranged rings.’
  • ‘Government officials believe the radical step could assist combat violent pimps and acquire prostitutes off Swindon’s roads.’
  • ‘They would record street noises, speaking pimps, junkies and prostitutes and produce art videos.’
  • ‘At times, these closures have actually resulted in the arrest regarding the actors and actresses included as pimps and prostitutes.’
  • ‘Now, if every prostitute whom fears her pimp is really a intercourse slave, then under Landesman’s meaning, most American prostitutes are intercourse slaves!’
  • ‘Next, a businessman from Alberta Avenue, Edmonton’s many stroll that is notorious tells the team about viewing a pimp beat a prostitute in their parking great deal.’
  • ‘You know, teenage boys and ladies thinking ‘I am able to be a stripper, a prostitute or even a pimp and have now a life that is easy and don’t understand the truth of this life.’

1 no item work as a pimp.

  • ‘There are enormous differences when considering the sort and variety of ladies involved in the 2 urban centers, as well as in the habits of medication usage, pimping and off-street trade.’
  • ‘The game has players participate in pimping, whoring, attempting to sell drugs and committing acts of physical violence to go round the board.’
  • ‘If the album will not offer, the musical organization might be forced into pimping, hustling, and drug working.’
  • ‘But, global, millions – billions – of bucks are designed away from prostitution, and I also genuinely believe that this bill is approximately the chance to boost the revenue for pimping as well as brothel reviews keeping.’
  • ‘Instead, it’s in regards to the decriminalisation of this peripheral organizations prostitution that is surrounding things like pimping, brothel maintaining, trafficking in ladies, and drugs.’
  • ‘After Liberation in 1949, utilizing the rectification and reorganization associated with social purchase, the practice of streetwalking, pimping and whore-mongering ended up being ordered eliminated.’
  • ‘i must get straight back almost to slavery to think about any other thing more exploitative than that which we are proposing to complete in this bill in terms of brothel keeping, pimping, and procuring.’
  • This movie has plenty of charm.‘If you are willing to suspend disbelief in regards to the terms and conditions of whoring and pimping in downtown Memphis’
  • ‘Christopher may be back swearing, pimping, robbing convenience stores and peddling medications within times.’
  • ‘Off-time, he calls himself Bobby that is pretty and the streets in razor- sharp suits pimping and running errands for friendly neighbourhood whores.’
  • ‘To be honest, i love the Heath who had been caring, affectionate and down seriously to planet, a lot more than the Heath who was simply pimping virtually every woman he arrived across.’
  • ‘‘Just about every hip-hop track has a mention of pimping,’ protests Lloyd.’
  • ‘You’d genuinely believe that possibly once you’d offered a few publications things may get easier, but without a doubt, composing, like pimping, ain’t simple’
  • ‘Will more girls that are young women seek out sex act as a means out, and certainly will more guys you will need to make use of pimping as an easy way in, since it’s much more likely which they will not get caught?’
  • ‘This evidently whetted his appetite for pimping.’
  • ‘Grigorov had invested amount of time in prison for unlawful possession of firearms together with court that is pending for robbery, blackmailing and pimping.’
  • ‘He went to the regional college infrequently, while he’d started to make an acceptable living by pimping for their three teenage sisters.’
  • ‘Every 12 months, as soon as the scorching sun divests them of water for months at a time, the guys move to pimping in the place of toil when you look at the wood areas.’
  • ‘i’m very sorry Emily, however in my eyes all ‘Mail Order Bride’ solutions are likened to pimping.’
  • ‘The detective stated the company ‘flopped’ once locals heard that the person had been involved with pimping.’
  1. 1.1 with item offer (somebody) as being a prostitute.
  • ‘Governments in the place of pimping their individuals to predators that are unscrupulous just encourage organizations whom agree to increasing the caliber of lifetime of these residents.’
  • ‘He became seriously addicted to heroin, taking to writing porn and in the end pimping their spouse to fund his habit.’
  • ‘She had been pimping me down like I happened to be some type of whore, and there was clearly nothing i possibly could do about this.’
  • ‘In her increasingly hopeless tries to endure, Leigh-Anne ultimately ends up pimping a neighborhood girl away to a pervert for ?20 to expend on fresh milk and candles.’
  • ‘‘Very good than he is. for your needs,’ says Luc, a 12-year-old Vietnamese child pimping girls no older’
  • ‘Lloyd claims the work of girls in reality most likely really unusual.’
  • ‘This will have been equally as much of the scandal if he had been pimping ladies.’
  • ‘Well, if the United states Dream involves pimping your spouse on line, I quickly reckon he is right about that.’
  • ‘Just whenever you think things can not get any even even even worse, Chloe gets confused with a few likely lads, whom make an effort to pimp her as a kid prostitute, after which Kelly too abandons her.’
  • ‘At one point she pimps a new woman to a neighborhood pervert to obtain cash for electricity.’
  • ‘The owner additionally pimps the males away, nonetheless they are not appearing to mind.’
  • ‘We additionally know an individual is wanting to pimp us for cash, too.’
  • ‘When they stick in those perfume things that are insert the reason they constantly smell exactly the same, no real matter what scent they may be attempting to pimp you?’
  • Him bluntly about their effect the other day to your reviews for the guy whom used to pimp him, and I also elicited rips.‘ I reminded’
  • ‘After more multiple rapes stretched over many weeks, he took her to a nightclub to pimp her – and she saw her moment for escape.’
  • ‘The queen of reggae takes no hostages in determining the beauty because raised to pimp guys with money.’
  • ‘One associated with Cuban musical organization joins me outside within my quest to pimp customers, and provides me personally a drink of wine.’
  • ‘His father is United states, a vicious abuser whom beats and pimps both their wife, Betty, along with his son.’
  • ‘He finds himself drawn in to the lifetime of a road prostitute and a nymphet whose dad pimps her from their costume shop.’
  • ‘For yesteryear years that are few i’ve eagerly expected the opportunity, also wanting to pimp copies from individuals i am aware and also require been attached to the task.’

2 casual with object Make (one thing) more showy or impressive.

3 pimp on Australian informal no item Inform on.

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