Player must Tee OFF for actions. Wagers on a golfer who does not play at the championship are rated as No Action, and all bets are refunded, (unless otherwise mentioned ). A golfer is deemed to have played once he or she has teed off. In case of a player withdrawing after having teed off, wagers on this player will be lost. All future bets on to win the tournament are depended on the player awarded the Trophy and contains some playoff game.
In the event a tournament doesn’t go the specified number of completed holes (usually 72) and the tournament is shortened by PGA officials, the winner that has officially been determined by the PGA is going to be the winner for wagering purposes. If at least 36 holes have not been played, all wagers will be deemed NO action, and bets refunded.
In case two (or more) golfers are tied for the lead at the end of regulation play, a sudden death or given hole playoff, will be used to determine the winner of the tournament. In cases like this, the winner of the playoff is the winner for betting purposes.
The”Field” includes all players not offered by name.
Matchups for the entire tournament are recorded as PGA, EURO PGA or LPGA.
Matchups for individual rounds are listed according to Round. E.g. Round 1, Round 2 etc..
Players are paired; they may or might not be playing together.
Both players should tee-off for action.
If both players tee off, the participant using the most completed holes is the winner of their match-up; if the two players complete the identical amount of holes, then the one with the lower score is the winner.
If one player misses the cut, the other player is deemed the winner. If both players miss the cut, then the lowest score after the cut has been made will choose the winner.
If a player is disqualified or withdraws after starting, either before the completion of 2 rounds or after both players gets the cut, the other player is deemed the winner.
If a participant is disqualified during either the 3rd or 4th rounds, if the other player in the match bet has already missed the cut, the disqualified player is going to be considered the winner.
In the event of a tie wagers will be a push and bets refunded.
A playoff for the tournament won’t be employed to determine the results of tournament matchups. If players are tied after the specified variety of tournament holes are completed then the matchup will likely be deemed a tie.
Tournament matchups still have actions in a shortened tournament supplied at least 36 holes have been played.
Individual Round matchups still have action in the event of any delay or postponement supplying the stated round is finished.
3 Balls
Golf 3 balls are for the stated Round only and all 3 players must tee off for action. In case of a tie at the end of the round dead heat rules will apply.
Group wagers (Top American, Best European etc.) are for the whole tournament and include only those players recorded. Players must tee off for action. In case of a tie dead heat rules will apply.
Dead Heat Rule:
For golf wagers containing more than two participants (3 chunks or groups) where two or more players tie to the Identical place the dead heat rule is employed as follows:
The wager is reduced based on how many players tie and is then employed to the total odds with the rest of the bet termed as missing.

For instance:
You wager $100 at chances of two and +200 players tie to the exact same position.
Half the stake is lost -$50
Another half wins and is paid exactly the odds. So $50 wins at +200
If 3 players tie for the Exact Same place then:
Two thirds of this stake is dropped -$66.66
The remaining $33.33 wins.

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