How Do Teams Perform The Week After An OT Game?

There were seven overtime games up to now from the 2019 year, including six at Week two independently. Possibly the match to need additional time was the narrow 24-21 double-overtime victory over Army in Week 2 of Michigan. I dove how teams perform after an elongated game within their contest.
Going back to the 2018 season’s beginning, there have been 28 overtime games and the winner of those games come with a set of 17-11 SU and 15-13 ATS from the game that was subsequent. A similar story could be written going 12-14 ATS, although 15-11 SU.
Now, in the points above it might look to be a good approach to fade the winners of an overtime match, but looking farther back in the beginning of the 2016 season the winners possess a spread list of 48-42 and that proceeds in favour of the losing group back to start of the 2009 campaign.
There was not a massive edge in the SU or even ATS documents for groups coming off an overtime game and that just was not great enough so I needed to dig deeper and also an advantage we discovered!
Dating back to the start of this 2016 year, house teams of an overtime game which stay home for the game possess a list of 24-7 ATS along with 26-5 SU. In the same way, the house team of a game that goes to overtime that hits the street for the next game is 30-34 SU but 38-25-1 ATS, therefore, home teams in an OT game overall are 56-39 SU and 62-32-1 ATS in their next regular-season game as the start of 2016.
But how does this work for road squads? Not excellent! Road teams in an overtime match that stay since the beginning of 2016 on the road for another game are 9-19 SU along with 9-19 ATS. When those street teams within an OT match return home for the next game they win more but nevertheless don’t insure with a listing of 28-34-1 ATS and 40-23 SU. The record for street teams in an overtime game for the contest is 37-53-1 and 49-42 SU.
Meanwhile, for you totals bettors on the market, I have an angle to you too. Since the beginning of 2016, house teams within an protracted game have a tendency to go UNDER the following match, if they remain home the OVER/UNDER record is 14-17, even though if they reach on the road its 30-33-1 for a general listing of 44-50-1.
For those road squads within an overtime match, even should they remain on the street for the subsequent game, the OVER/UNDER record is 18-9-1, but should they are its own 25-37-1 producing an overall record of 43-46-1.
For Week 3, we’ve got eight teams in action following overtime games a week and I have outlined their situations:

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