Rory McIlroy Win Takes Care Of Ten-Year-Old Bet for His Dad

Rory McIlroy Win Takes Care Of Ten-Year-Old Bet for His Dad

Rory McIlroy’s British Open win paid off a big bet for their father.

Rory McIlroy’s win on the weekend at the 2014 Open Championship (perhaps better known as the British Open) was huge for the young golfer’s job. It had been their 3rd championship that is major making him just the 3rd player to win three majors by age 25, joining a couple of guys you might have heard about: Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

But the win may even have been bigger for McIlroy’s father and a few of his friends.

Whenever McIlroy putted out on the 18th green at Hoylake, he fulfilled a bet that had been made by their father Gerry and two friends over a decade ago. In 2004, Gerry McIlroy placed a bet on their son, then 15 yrs . old, to win the British Open by the time he was 25 (or put another way, before he switched 26).

Ladbrokes was thrilled to take the £200 ($341) bet, and even gave the elder McIlroy 500-1 odds. After all, as talented as young Rory may be, he had been a long way of from being capable of winning one of the world’s biggest golf tournaments.

McIlroy Covers Bet on Final Opportunity

But a funny thing happened within the decade that is next. McIlroy didn’t just develop into a professional golfer, but he became probably the best player of his generation. Soon he had been a threat that is perennial win the Open, and those 500-1 were looking extremely generous. Still, heading into the other day’s tournament, McIlroy only had usually the one last possibility to win and make his father a massive payday.

Sure sufficient, he achieved it, and Ladbrokes confirmed on Twitter that they would be paying out the £100,000 ($171,000) win up to a bettor they believed to be Rory’s dad.

Family Bets Popular

According to Rachel Bridge of Ladbrokes, these wagers aren’t exactly rare, though it’s unusual that they pay off. Bridge told that these ‘special odds requests’ are generally made in the potential for children to win major sporting events, with the firm taking more than 300 each year. Typically, just one single will pay out every couple of years. The last big win of the type came when friends of racer Lewis Hamilton won a bet they made when he was just nine years old on him winning the F1 championship, a wager.

‘the chance is taken by us on wagers like these,’ Bridge said to ESPN. ‘ We can make a great deal of money, however it’s a big risk if one comes through. Unfortuitously, with this one, we have egg on our face.’

Buddies Also Cash In

Rory’s father wasn’t the sole one cashing in on the bet, either. Two other bettors ( thought to be friends of McIlroy’s father) won two separate wagers: one which would pay out at 250-1 if McIlroy won The Open Championship by 2015, and another that would spend 150-1 should he win the same tournament by age 50.

According to McIlroy, the win will likely mean more to the buddies than to his father.

‘i don’t think it matters so much to my dad anymore, but the teammates it was done by him with, I believe they’re a little happier,’ McIlroy stated.

Based on Bridge, Ladbrokes hasn’t faced a payout in the Open since bettors made big bucks betting on Tiger Woods in 2006.

‘Although we are facing hefty losings we can’t help but admire the foresight of Rory’s dad and his pals a decade ago,’ Bridge said.

Harvard Researchers Say Gambling Online Perhaps Not Addictive

Bellagio’s real-life fountains offer a playground feel, which researchers say encourages gambling. (Image:

In the battles being waged over whether online gambling should really be managed in the United States, one argument that is major been that Internet games could lead to a high rate of gambling addiction. The theory is that the increased access to gambling products means that people most vulnerable to addiction could have an instant pipeline that allows them to pay money they can’t pay for to get rid of.

It is something that generally seems to make sense on an intuitive degree, however the information that’s being collected therefore far isn’t backing it up. A series of studies from the Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction has discovered that the vast most of Internet gamblers aren’t addicts, and are, in reality, really casual gamblers who can be good at setting limits for themselves.

Studies Conducted with bwin

The studies were finished with the cooperation of bwin, which gave researchers usage of data on tens of thousands of players whom proceeded various online casino games over a period that is two-year. The research included activities betting, poker, and casino gambling that is general. And in each case, 95 percent or a lot more of the gamblers studied gambled in moderation, while just one single to five percent were said to demonstrate ‘intense gambling behavior.’

In the instance of this casino gambling study, a lot more than 4,000 case studies were examined. Over a nine-month period, the average player gambled just once every two weeks, losing about 5.5 percent of the money they wagered. Whenever it came to recreations bettors, another study looked at 40,000 players, and unearthed that the median gambler ended up being making 2.5 wagers every 4th time, with the bets averaging $5.50.

Another study by the University of Hamburg, built to help augment the ongoing work being done at Harvard, seemed exclusively at poker players. More than two million online poker players were analyzed over the course of six months. The median player was at the tables just for 4.88 hours over that duration, and nearly all players were paying less than a dollar per hour in rake.

Typical Gambler Spends Little Online

None of this is supposed to say that compulsive gambling isn’t a nagging issue, or that issue gambling does not exist on online. But it can claim that the level to that the Internet exacerbates problems that are such been exaggerated. Area of the basis for this may sleep in the way the data is presented: researchers used medians to show what the ‘typical’ gambler looked like, largely must be percentage that is small of’ gamblers significantly affect the average figures.

That research backs up past numbers that attended out of studies, such as one carried out in 2007 by regulatory body eCOGRA. That study found that online poker players typically played two to three times a week for an average of one to two hours, and that they paid about $1.20 an hour in rake. That study also discovered that players only took about 6 percent of their bankroll to a table an average of, meaning most players exercised reasonable bankroll management while playing.

One reason that the access given by online gambling has not caused a spike in addiction could be as a result of the differences between brick-and-mortar venues and their Internet counterparts. Researchers have found that a ‘playground’ model in a casino, one that makes use of hot colors, going water, and green spaces, was most successful for encouraging individuals to gamble. These features may not be included for most gambling that is online while some sites have actually tried to increase the casino feel with the use of live dealer games.

Atlantic City Casino Revenues Up Slightly in June

The Borgata led Atlantic City in both online and revenues that are brick-and-mortar June. (Image:

There are many doom and gloom Atlantic that is surrounding City days. At minimum three casinos have either closed or are set to close this 12 months, with a fourth also potentially closing if a customer can’t be found. But while those are bad signs for the East Coast gambling hub, it doesn’t mean that there cannot be the bit that is occasional of news for the city.

Revenue numbers for June had been released week that is last so when adjusted to discount the winnings from the Atlantic Club this past year ( that is not open for business), gaming revenues are up four percent year-over-year. Last June, the 11 casinos which are nevertheless now in operation made $227.1 million, and that number rose to $235.9 million in 2014.

Closure of Atlantic Club, On The Web Gambling Help Numbers

The natural numbers aren’t quite nearly as good, of course. The city as a whole saw casino winnings drop by 5.7 percent if you include the Atlantic Club’s revenue from last year. But such changes are going to become commonplace for the year that is next more, as a number of casino closures is changing the dynamics regarding the gaming industry into the city.

Another component that’s only starting to impact Atlantic City is online gambling. The world wide web casinos brought in $9.5 million during which accounts for all of the increase in year-over-year revenue june. Online gambling had not been yet regulated or operational in nj at this time last year.

That may appear to be a success, but like most things in Atlantic City these full days, there are two edges towards the story. That $9.5 million in revenue is down about nine percent from more than $10.4 million in May, and marks the next month that is straight of for on the web gambling in New Jersey. It’s also the figure that is lowest posted by the sites since January.

Borgata Leads City in Income

The Borgata is still the best choice in both online-gambling and land-based in the city. The casino won $48.1 million in June, down less than one per cent when compared to year that is last. The Borgata also led the way with $3.4 million in online winnings, though that has been down 14 % from May and was the lowest total that is monthly far in 2014.

In a month filled with up and downs, the winner that is biggest was obviously the Golden Nugget. As the $14.3 million the casino won rated just 7th among Atlantic City casinos, that still marked an increase that is year-over-year of percent. The Golden Nugget was also the casino that is only posted a monthly increase in online gambling profits, earning about $100,000 more than it did in might. That represents the second consecutive growth month for the Nugget’s online operations.

On the other side of the coin, Trump Plaza saw its casino revenues tumble nearly 32 % when compared with last June, right down to a paltry $4.7 million, undoubtedly the figure that is lowest in the city. Numbers like those help explain why the casino is now expected to be closed in September.

The Plaza is also the operator of the smaller online gambling operations in brand New Jersey in partnership with Betfair and GameAccount. At the brief moment, it’s unclear exactly what will become of this web site when Trump Plaza closes down. The casino site earned just over $500,000 in revenue during June.

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