Simon Thomas’ 30-day challenge for Bloodwise UK reaches Sky Sports

After losing his wife acute myeloid 22, former Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas will be project a 30-day struggle for Bloodwise UK.
Gemma Thomas passed out in November 2017, also his son Ethan and Simon have set out to increase awareness of the fact that September is Blood Cancer Awareness month.
Day 14 had been spent Sky Sports, where Thomas was on Soccer AM on to select the volley challenge before setting off for Carrow Road, where he played with football at half time of the Canaries’ triumph over Manchester City.
“Blood Cancer Awareness month is September and that’s why I am taking on a single challenge daily to get Bloodwise, and every day that the challenges have been surprises,” explained Thomas.
“We are trying first and foremost to raise consciousness, since at the moment it is the fifth most common cancer in the country, but when it has to do with cancers it’s the third biggest killer.
“As well as raising awareness, Bloodwise have been incredible in preparing a finance in Gemma’s title – the Gemma Thomas finance – along with the money we’ve been raising, which I think is only about #5000, is putting cash into not just blood cancer research, but in addition acute myeloid leukaemia which is a rare form but this aggressive type.
“For the 3000 or so people that get it in the united kingdom every year, the one thing that’s got to shift is the survival rate because beyond five years that the survival rate at the moment for somebody who gets acute myeloid leukaemia is only 15 per cent and that needs to change”
Thomas states his series of challenges’ primary objective would be to educate people on cancer’s symptoms.
“We all know from here at Sky Sports exactly what Jeff Stelling has been doing with his cries for prostate cancer, that the story in terms of teaching men about what to look out in terms of prostate cancer and soccer has turned into a game-changer,” explained Thomas.
“Breast cancer in the last few years that has had its own game-changer [second ] in terms of women now being aware of what things to keep an eye out for. The problem with lung cancer is they can be varied and the indicators are numerous.
“Folks at the moment are not up to speed on what to look out for as well as our cost a couple of years back, when Gemma started falling ill, we didn’t know what she had been experiencing – the frustrations, the extreme tiredness, the bruise which wouldn’t go were all tell-tale indications that something that was seriously erroneous.
“We’re first off trying to increase awareness because in the second half the UK population cannot name a single blood cancer symptom and that’s got to change.”
Former England captain Sir Andrew Strauss in honour of his spouse, who died of a rare type of lung cancer set up the Ruth Strauss Foundation.
On day two of the second Ashes Test between Australia and England, everybody was asked to use red to Lord’s to raise money and awareness of the cause. Thomas was unable to attend the afternoon but says he has felt the impact of support from the wider sporting community.
“I have not fulfilled [Strauss] since what happened but we exchanged messages a tiny bit about how exactly is he’s doing and he very kindly invited me along to this wonderful day at Lord’s, but unfortunately we had been off in the time and could not proceed,” explained Thomas.
“We have seen through Andrew Strauss and Glenn McGrath – but we believed it somewhat ourselves when this happened – that there is a enormous community within the world of sport and especially when it comes to football.
“I’d innumerable messages such as a lovely letter from Mauricio Pochettino in Tottenham which he composed himself it was not a kind of club-generated letterthat he had written himself. You felt the area of soccer getting you around and saying’Look this is horrible what has happened to you however we are alongside you’.
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