With Therrien Out of Montreal, Who’s Next to be Fired?

Talk of the devil and the devil will… get terminated? Well that’s the circumstance. A little over an hour after I wrote about Michel Therrien’s odds of being fired moving from +500 to +175, he was canned and replaced by lately fired Bruins head coach Claude Julien. The funniest part of this absolutely villainous move by Marc Bergevin is that this is actually the second time Julien has replaced Therrien as the head coach of the Canadiens.
With Therrien’s exit from Montreal bringing the number of NHL head coaches fired this season to five, another swing of the ax could be right around the corner. BetOnline has updated its chances for the prop once more and Stars bench boss Lindy Ruff tops the list at +170 followed by Paul Maurice of the Jets (+300) and Jon Cooper of the quad (+500).
Ruff’s name was tossed around quite loosely from the press in hot-seat rumors since the Stars have underachieved massively this year. Lindy has had the explanation of poor goaltending in his disposal because his 2013 coming in Dallas but with an adequate crew of defensemen currently occupying the space in front of Antti Niemi and Kari Let-it-in, the team’s .894 save percent — that’s dead last in the league — has become unacceptable.
Like I have mentioned before, I believe Dallas waits until the end of the year to ditch Ruff however as was highlighted by Therrien’s firing only an hour after I said he would most likely be spared, I am very often wrong. NHL upper management is becoming inconsistent and impossible to anticipate. The Islanders’ and Canadiens’ GMs both attached themselves to their own head coaches this season, saying they would not be fired, and both went back on their word within fourteen days.
I am done making predictions about the employment of NHL head coaches since the fickleness of general supervisors has reached an all-time large. A route to follow here, though, will take the guys on this list who provide the maximum value. Therrien was +500 to lose his job under a week before he did, so there is a precedent for loyalties quickly changing.
I’ll once more throw Dave Hakstol’s name on the market as a value bet as I think he’s just as good a chance of hitting the unemployment line since the guys at the top of the board. He has made some decisions and his group has crumbled because a 10-game winning streak in 2016.

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